"My work is all about restoring the face to the way it looked 10 years ago."

- Sergio Vendetti, MD, DMD

Maintenance – The Magic Word

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Maintenance is defined as the support or upkeep of your property. Similar words include preservation or protection. Your beauty and youth need to be protected and preserved however they can, and our
Virginia Beach office is dedicated to doing just that.

3 Laser Treatments to Try this Winter

The frigid months of winter are a wonderful time to ready your body for the warmer months ahead and the season is an especially
opportune time of year to undergo laser treatments here in Virginia Beach. Laser treatments at Virginia Surgical Arts’ MedSpa are a great, non-surgical alternative to more invasive and lengthy surgical procedures.

Royal Rhinoplasty! Kate Middleton Sparks a Rise in Nose Surgery

Kate Middleton has long been known for her beauty. Even before saying “I do” and becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, Middleton has been a style icon. Her influence has been well documented and, as of late, it seems the “Kate Effect” has even stretched to the practices of
cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Vendetti.

Perhaps not what she is best known for, Middleton’s nose has none-the-less caught the attention of many. According to the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons, the number of rhinoplasty surgeries performed in the United Kingdom has increased by 14 percent in the past year. The Mirror credits Middleton with this recent upswing and has been cleverly dubbed “royal rhinoplasty” surgery. 

What Not To Do After Botox®

Many of our patients seek out Botox to lessen the appearance of aging and wrinkling skin. Whether it be worry lines, frown lines, or crow’s feet,
Botox has an amazing ability to target and improve the appearance of fine lines and more severe creases. At Virginia Surgical Arts, we strive to help you understand your Botox treatment, as well as provide detailed before and aftercare. One question we are often asked is, “what can and can I not do post Botox?”

Did You Know? Hormones May Be the Cause of Your Acne

While acne is most often associated with our teenage years, many of us find that acne continues to be a struggle throughout our 20’s, 30’s, and beyond. If acne lingers long into your adult years, it is likely that hormones are to blame. Our hormonal levels are in a constant state of fluctuation. As hormone levels rise, oil production is stimulated and results in sticky, clogged pores—thus causing acne flare ups. Unfortunately, hormonal acne is deeper, more painful, and more difficult to treat than that of what you experienced as a teenager.

Understanding Stretch Marks

It is estimated that 70 percent of women and 40 percent of men will experience stretch marks at some point throughout their life. Being such a high number, it is likely that you too may fall victim to stretch marks. While easily identifiable by their red, pink, or white streaking, you may have questions about what stretch marks are, how they happen, and especially, how to get rid of them.  

A Safe & Healthy Pregnancy Glow

Pregnancy is an exciting time for you and your growing family. As you look forward to what is to come, you are also sure to be wondering how you can look your best for the next nine months. With hormones in constant fluctuation, many expectant mothers find their complexion changes throughout their pregnancy. Seeking out a healthy glow, women come to Virginia Surgical Arts in hopes of safely treating their changing skin.

Love Your Self(ie)

Vendetti, Selfie Ready - Image Selfies. One or one hundred—we are guilty of snapping a photo of ourselves. More than just a popular trend, selfies and the selfie culture have become a way of life. With each click of the camera, we get a close-up view of ourselves. As to be expected, we are not always pleased with the image smiling back at us.

Men! Laser Hair Removal Is for You Too

Vendetti, Laser Hair Removal - ImageWhile some men are blessed with a hairless body, more often than not, men struggle with unwanted body hair. More and more, men are embracing
laser hair removal. An effective alternative to other hair removal methods, laser hair removal proves itself to be a versatile, efficient, and relatively painless treatment. (more…)

This Spring, Go Face First – Part II: Surgical Solutions for Skin Rejuvenation

Vendetti, Facial Rejuve - Image Facial rejuvenation comes in many forms. In our last blog post, we discussed the many ways that the Palomar Lux 1540 Fractional Laser can benefit one’s complexion. But, what if that is not enough? It is inevitable that as one progresses in years, aging, stress, and the undeniable pull of gravity will all take a toll on a man and woman’s youthful appearance. When minimally invasive treatments, like laser treatments, are not enough—
Dr. Vendetti can perform a number of surgical procedures to rejuvenate your facial appearance. (more…)

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