Facial Trauma

"The idea is for the patient to look like themselves. I help patients recapture their youth."

- Sergio Vendetti, MD, DMD

Dr. Vendetti can repair damage to your face and mouth caused by lost teeth, accidents and injuries. Bone grafting, implants, facial reconstruction and more have all seen major advances and are better than ever at achieving natural-looking outcomes. These specialized facial procedures provide men and women with life-changing results, helping to not only restore their physical appearance, but to also renew their self-confidence.

Dr. Vendetti’s continuing education, skilled staff, and specialized equipment provide a safe and knowledgeable experience for you. He will work closely with you to determine the best procedure plan for your specific situation. With Dr. Vendetti, you will receive a fully personalized treatment plan with an award-winning oral surgeon and highly trained staff.

Car accidents, sports injuries and genetics do not mean you are stuck for life. Come in and talk to the skilled and trained personnel at Virginia Surgical Arts.

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Cosmetic Surgery in Virginia Beach, VA | Virginia Surgical Arts

Cosmetic Surgery in Virginia Beach, VA | Virginia Surgical Arts