Bring On The Pictures – IPL Will Get Your Skin Summer Ready!

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Bring On The Pictures – IPL Will Get Your Skin Summer Ready!


Are you ready to trade your damaged skin for a glowing and well-balanced complexion?  Palomar® IPL PhotoFacials are here to help lighten those dark spots before summer starts. Dr. Vendetti offers this full-face IPL treatment to all of his Virginia Surgical Arts clients looking to get their skin photo-ready this summer and to help treat damage that has been lurking around for years. 

IPL Erases Damage and Rejuvenates

Palomar intense pulsed light (IPL) releases energy to the targeted area, which will travel through the skin to fight damage. IPL can help treat a number of concerns including: sun damage, acne scars, sunspots, age spots, spider veins, enlarged pores, rosacea (inflammation in cheeks/face), and angiomas (small red or purple spots).

Using the principles of photothermolysis, IPL will deliver light energy that will heat and absorb pigmentation from below the skin. Once your body is rid of these pigmented lesions, your skin will display an increasingly even complexion.

IPL Treatments Are Comfortable

Maybe you have avoided laser or light treatments in the past because you were worried about discomfort. Dr. Vendetti doesn’t want anyone to live with damaged, dull skin because they are concerned about a procedure and that’s another reason why he offers comfortable IPL PhotoFacials. The simple treatment will consist of a handpiece held over the skin and pulses of light released into the skin. You will feel a mild warming sensation, but the treatment is relatively painless,

Downtime is 24 Hours or Less!

After the treatment, it may feel like you have a mild sunburn on your skin. This feeling will recover between two to twenty-four hours. Similar to a sunburn, you can soothe this sensation with an ice pack or cold gel. The visible results will vary depending on the type of damage you are seeking to treat, but most clients see clearer and less visible redness between one to two weeks after treatment.

If you are interested in an IPL treatment at Virginia Surgical Arts, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Vendetti today. He will discuss how IPL treatments will be personalized to your specific needs and when you can expect to see clear, glowing skin.

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