Considering Retin A??

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Retin-A was first introduced on the market to treat acne more than 30 years ago. While the medication produced remarkable results fighting acne, patients also noticed significant improvements in their overall facial appearance. As a result, Retin-A was approved by the FDA for cosmetic use.  Today, the medication is considered an anti-aging solution for the treatment of a variety of skin conditions.

Retin-A is a topical medication that may be gel or cream based. Retin-A medications are offered at numerous concentration levels, each designed for a specific skin type. The primary purpose of Retin-A is to provide a light chemical peel that speeds the natural exfoliation process and enhances collagen production.

Retin-A is typically prescribed for the following reasons:

  • Acne: Retin-A brings acne plugs (blockages) to the surface causing blackheads to be dislocated. The blackheads are then discarded from the skin during cleansing. Retin-A can help control acne breakouts as well.
  • Hyperpigmentation: The ingredients in Retin-A can help sun-damaged skin, including age discoloration spots and light freckling.
  • Poor Skin Texture: The increased exfoliation process from Retin-A removes dead cells and stimulates new skin cells to improve the texture of the skin.
  • Preparation for Other Procedures: Retin-A is commonly used to prepare the skin for procedures such as laser skin resurfacing and facial surgeries. The medication may be continued after a procedure to assist in recovery as well.

After the repeated application of Retin-A, the outermost skin layer (stratum corneum) thins. At the same time, the cells in the epidermis level are stimulated to produce a thickened epidermis layer. Through this stimulation, collagen production and cellular growth in the dermis layer also increase. Typically, benefits are fully evident after seven weeks of proper application. Treatment must be maintained in order to continue to reap the benefits of Retin-A. The doctor may recommend other therapies such as a specific daily skincare regimen to further improve and maintain the results.

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons may have extensive knowledge and experience with skincare treatments. Consult a qualified doctor to discuss the best treatment options for your condition.  At Virginia Surgical Arts, we provide patients with free consultations.  If you would like to discuss whether you are a candidate for Retin A, call us today! (757) 430-7690

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