How Dermaplaning Can Make Your Skin Silky Smooth

Dermaplaning Procedure
Nobody likes to have dull, flaky or splotchy skin. Despite what some believe, exfoliating scrubs are not an ideal solution, as they can be too harsh and further degrade your skin’s appearance. The good news is you can still rejuvenate your skin with a treatment called “dermaplaning.”

Basics of Dermaplaning

During dermaplaning, a licensed master aesthetician or medical professional uses a scalpel to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from all areas of your face with tiny, painless strokes. The scalpel is surgical grade, so you should only get the procedure from someone who is properly trained, but the treatment itself is not dangerous and does not draw blood.

Dermaplaning only takes about 30 to 40 minutes, and most people leave dermaplaning with a fresh face and little redness, which means you can return to work and resume your normal activities right away. The procedure must be repeated every month to maintain results.

The Benefits of Dermaplaning

Most people get dermaplaning to improve the appearance of their skin. Removing dead skin and peach fuzz brightens the skin, improves tone and texture, reduces wrinkles and fine lines and minimizes spots and acne scars. As an added bonus, shaving stimulates the production of new skin cells, meaning your face will have that always-glowing look. In short, dermaplaning can make your skin look younger and erase flaws.

Many patients also enjoy the hair removal aspect of the procedure because it makes their face feel softer and smoother. Hairlessness also makes it easier to apply makeup and eliminates the caked-on look makeup can have when liquid and powder products adhere to peach fuzz.

Best of all, dermaplaning does not rely on any sort of chemicals or lasers, so it is pain-free and safe for everyone, including expectant mothers. Dermaplaning is also safe and effective for all skin types and shades. Even people with sensitive skin can get dermaplaning. Just be sure to let your aesthetician or doctor know about any concerns you have beforehand. The only barrier to dermaplaning is an acne outbreak, as the scalpel cannot run smoothly over the bumps. You can get dermaplaning once the acne has subsided.

How Dermaplaning Compares to Other Treatments

As an exfoliation treatment, dermaplaning is much more effective than face scrubs. Many scrubs are too gritty and abrasive for use on sensitive facial skin. Plus, you need to apply them on a regular basis for the same effect as just one dermaplaning session each month.

If you’ve decided on a longer-lasting treatment, you may find yourself drawn to both dermaplaning and microdermabrasion, as they accomplish similar goals. Microdermabrasion, like dermaplaning, is a quick, non-surgical, in-office procedure. However, the method of exfoliation is different. Using either a diamond-tip or crystal-emitting handpiece, the dead skin cells are sanded away and vacuumed off the skin. This can lead to some irritation and redness. For the most part, though, patients experience noticeable results from both procedures and may combine the treatments for an optimal outcome.

In fact, dermaplaning is often used in conjunction with other treatments to maximize the effects of exfoliation and skin rejuvenation. After dermaplaning, your skin will be cleaner and more receptive to chemical peels, laser treatments and moisturizing serums because the dead skin cells and hair will be out of the way. It can also be used as a touch-up whenever you feel like your skin health needs a boost.

Dermaplaning Treatment at Virginia Surgical Arts

If you’re tired of wrinkles, scars and acne spots, or if you want to put some life back into your skin, dermaplaning may be a great option for you. At Virginia Surgical Arts, Dr. Sergio Vendetti strives to give every patient youthful, healthy skin that they’ll love seeing in the mirror. With a dual background in both medicine and dentistry, he brings quality and expertise to his cosmetic procedures. If you’re interested in learning about dermaplaning and how it can revitalize your skin, call (757) 430-7690 and schedule your appointment today.

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