Who ‘Nose’ What to Expect from a Rhinoplasty? A Guide.

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There’s a lot of reasons both women and men decide on nose surgery. Many people have nasal problems they’ve had to cope with their entire lives. Others may have suffered a traumatic incident when they were young (such as a sports injury in high school or college) that has left their nose crooked or asymmetrical. Then there are also some who simply feel like their nose is out of place doesn’t fit the rest of their face. Whatever the reason may be, there are a few frequent questions cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vendetti gets asked about nose surgery.

Here’s a quick guide to few things you should know about rhinoplasty.

Open vs. Closed

There’s a couple of different methods Dr. Vendetti may choose from to achieve your desired nose shape. Each one has its own set of advantages and challenges.

Most nose surgeries her perform at our Virginia Beach surgery center these days are done with a closed approach. It’s called that because all the incisions are made inside of the nostrils, avoiding any scarring on the outside of the nose. However, this method can carry some difficulty since the operation is done through very narrow openings which limits visibility. Because this procedure is less invasive, recovery times tend to be on the shorter side.

On the other hand, with an open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made externally to the skin between the nostrils. This technique can be advantageous because it exposes all the underlying cartilage and tissue. In order to minimize initial scarring with this approach, a “zig-zag” incision is usually made so that the resulting mark is less noticeable.

However, don’t let the thought of a scar keep you away from having the nose you’ve always wanted. We can smooth and reduce scarring on any skin type with our fractional laser resurfacing method. Healing time is minimal, there’s no risk of infection, and there’s little to no pain felt during this laser scar removal procedure.

Another Option?

There is a third option that has been gaining in popularity recently—one that takes a non-surgical approach to reshaping the nose. This minimally invasive technique uses injectable fillers to fill in areas that may be uneven. Fillers can correct small depressions and add height to even out bumps and humps, making them less noticeable. Although the results of an injectable nose job are not permanent, the effects can be seen immediately.

What Will Recovery be Like After a Nose Procedure?

What about after the procedure? Of course, healing times vary based on the individual and the procedure performed.

It is important to ask your plastic surgeon which technique will be used in your rhinoplasty.  Having all the information and options will best prepare you for the procedure. Don’t put too much focus on which technique will be used. The results are what’s important here!

Dr. Sergio Vendetti is committed to helping all of his clients achieve their best look possible. If you are interested in nose surgery at Virginia Surgical Arts, please schedule your initial consultation today.

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