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The Obagi Blue Peel is the most well known type of skin peel and it has maintained a reputation for being highly effective at improving numerous skin conditions and remains a standard for all other kinds of peels to compare to.

What is a Blue Peel?

Obagi Blue Peels are facial chemical peels performed by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vendetti and his professionally trained staff to help accelerate the transformation to beautiful, healthier-looking skin. It is a highly effective, variable-depth chemical peel and during the procedure, the solution is carefully applied to the face to remove dead skin cells. The solution penetrates into the skin leaving skin smoother and more refined looking. There are many types of chemical peel preparations, and the right preparation for you depends on your skin type and desired results. It is commonly used to treat wrinkles, photo damage, skin discoloration, superficial acne scars, and texture irregularities.

Before Blue Peel
After Blue Peel

The application takes about 30 minutes while we keep you comfortable either with topical anesthetics and even sedation if indicated. After the peel is applied, you will experience the famous “bluish tint” to your skin that usually washes off in 12 to 24 hours. Depending on the strength and depth of the peel, you may experience light swelling following the procedure.

After Your Blue Peel

Within two to three days, the outer dead layer of skin will begin to peel and exfoliate. This flaking continues over the next several days. By Days seven to 10, your skin will be healed with a new outer layer that retains the smoother tighter skin that is desired. A four week prepping regimen utilizing Obagi NuDerm prescription skincare is required to optimize the benefits of the peel and accelerate the healing process while still working within safe margins. If you think you might benefit from this reputable peel, call us today for a complimentary consultation.


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