SmartLipo™: Body Contouring Without the Hassle

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At first, everyone accepted the cell phone as the best product on the market. That is until the smartphone was released and now it’s hard to find a person without a smartphone. We predict the same is true with SmartLipo™, the new and improved form of liposuction designed to achieve smarter body contouring results. At Virginia Surgical Arts, Dr. Vendetti has recently acquired this new technology and recommends it to men and women interested in slimming their figure through fat reduction and wish to do so without the hassle of general anesthesia.  

What Is SmartLipo?

Like liposuction, SmartLipo uses liposuction methods to eliminate problem fat from the body. What sets it apart is the use of laser technology. SmartLipo uses both liposuction and laser technology to help our Virginia Beach clients remove the fat and tighten the skin at once.

To perform SmartLipo, Dr. Vendetti will insert a small cannula (small tube used in liposuction) into the skin near the targeted area. Since the cannula is so small, local anesthesia should be sufficient to keep you comfortable through the procedure. Our clients love that general anesthesia is not required and they don’t need to “go under” to get impressive slimming results with SmartLipo. Through the same cannula, Dr. Vendetti will release laser energy that will liquefy the excess fat. Once liquefied, it is much easier to remove the fat. The cannula will then suction the destroyed fat cells and your SmartLipo procedure is completed.

Can SmartLipo Help Me?

SmartLipo can help remove fat from a number of areas on the body. Our Virginia Beach clients that may benefit from this procedure may have excess fat on the following areas:

  • Midsection or abdomen
  • Legs
  • Thighs
  • Love handles (hips)
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • Neck

As you can see, SmartLipo is an effective fat reduction treatment for many different areas of the body.

What Does The Downtime Look Like?

One of the reasons Dr. Vendetti and our team at Virginia Surgical Arts is so excited about the SmartLipo procedure is that downtime is much less than a typical liposuction procedure. The cannula only requires a small incision and the laser used with SmartLipo promotes healing below the skin as well. Recovery for SmartLipo is just 1-3 days.

We also love that many of our clients just need a single SmartLipo session! This makes fat reduction a great affordable option for our men and women.

SmartLipo Results

We’re finally getting to the best part of SmartLipo. Sure, the minimally invasive nature is impressive, the downtime is improved, and the science behind it is pure genius. However, the results of SmartLipo are the true reason why we are now offering this treatment.

The combination of liquefying the unwanted fat and suctioning the destroyed fat helps make fat reduction a no hassle procedure. Since fat is physically removed from your body, you will notice an immediate change in appearance of the target area. It will appear flatter and tighter. As your body continues to heal, you will continue to see the slimming, contouring results over the next several months.

Interested in SmartLipo in Virginia Beach?

Our entire team at Virginia Surgical Arts is very excited to offer this life-changing procedure that not only gives you impressive results, but also requires less downtime and recovery. If you are interested in trying SmartLipo, please schedule your initial consultation today.

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