What Is Baby Botox and Benefits

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What Is Baby Botox and Benefits

Baby Botox has exploded onto the cosmetic scene in recent years and understandably so. Because of this procedure, Botox is no longer seen as a treatment that aging women “need” in order to restore a younger-looking face free of the wrinkles that naturally form over years of repetitive facial expressions. According to a 2017 report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men are increasingly turning to Botox while millennials and younger clients are using Botox preventatively. 

So, What Is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox is a treatment that involves a lower dosage of botulinum toxin injections, commonly referred to as Botox, than a traditional injection to smooth fine lines and reduce wrinkles. In addition to the volume of product used, baby Botox is about the technique. When injected with defined precision, a lower dosage can be used and the super-targeted microinjections deliver the more natural look that baby Botox has become coveted for. 

With baby Botox treatments, patients are able to go longer between treatments. In the past, women would ask for two or three syringes per treatment but can now get away with one or even half a syringe which allows for more movement in the face post-treatment. When compared to standard size injections, baby Botox lowers the risk of your facial features appearing to be frozen. 

Not to be confused with fillers that increase volume in areas such as the lips, botulinum toxin is an injection that weakens the muscles and in turn, reduces and smoothes wrinkles and enhances a patient’s overall facial appearance. It used to be that Botox was notorious for the fake and overdone look, á la A Cinderella Story

What Is Baby Botox and Signs You May Want to Consider It

This result has less to do with the actual treatment and more to do with an unprofessional application. Now, the focus is on using safer products that are reversible and will provide a natural look that’s more refreshed and less ‘plastic’. 

Whereas at once Botox was applied in an inject-by-number mentality, trained estheticians have come to realize that no two faces – or even two sides of a face – are the same. This has eliminated the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach that gave this treatment a bad name. Now the purpose is to rebalance and restore the face to look its best, not to look like everyone else’s. 

The Best Uses for Baby Botox

Baby Botox can be used pretty much anywhere on the face, but it is best to create subtle changes or erase fine lines. For example, we might recommend baby Botox for women trying to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet which is a very delicate area where subtle treatment is effective.

Many Millennials are drawn to baby Botox for its preventative rather than corrective measures. It can help to give skin a rehydrated look and counter sun damage. Baby Botox is good for rejuvenating the skin without the extreme effects of fillers or regular Botox.

Outside of the cosmetic realm, Botox can also be used for medical purposes. For example, Botox may be used for patients who grind their teeth or to calm muscle spasms in the body.

Signs You Could Benefit From Baby Botox

Baby Botox is a quick in-office, non-invasive treatment that gives stunning results when provided by an experienced physician or licensed cosmetic provider. Adults of any age can benefit from Botox treatment. In older adults, Botox can smooth moderate-to-severe lines and wrinkles around the forehead and eyes while in younger patients, Botox can prevent wrinkles from forming or becoming more noticeable.  Because of the wide range of uses and benefits for Baby Botox, there are no specific signs of whether or not you should start Botox treatments. 

The decision to undergo this treatment depends on a number of factors such as your individual goals, your facial expressions, and your personal preferences. This is one reason that a consultation with a qualified cosmetic treatment provider is essential before starting treatment.

Here are 5 signs that you may benefit from baby Botox:

  • You are forming smile lines: Smile lines respond very well to Botox as it temporarily relaxes the muscles that cause smile lines to appear. 
  • You want to prevent wrinkles from forming: When used early in the aging process, Botox not only treats present wrinkles but can also prevent new wrinkles from forming. A regular baby Botox regiment combined with sunscreen, a healthy lifestyle, and good skincare practices can do wonders for your skin.
  • You notice forehead furrows and/or frown lines: The forehead shows wrinkles in the form of forehead furrows or frown lines. Botox can help to remove wrinkles that form when you’re moving your face.
  • You have developed smoker’s lines in the upper lip but may not even smoke tobacco.  Many women have this issue that don’t smoke but are looking to get rid of those unpleasant lines: These vertical lines upper resulting from years of puckering from smoking or just natural posturing. Botox is effective in reducing those muscle contractions around the mouth that are the cause of smoker’s lines.
  • Your wrinkles are mild to moderate: Baby Botox is most effective on wrinkles that are not deep-set and can reduce the onset of wrinkles before they become severe. 

Final Thoughts on Baby Botox

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