Winter Skin Care Tips

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Winter Skin Care Tips 


Our skin takes a major hit when temperatures plummet. No matter how soft and supple your skin was during the summer, you may find your skin itchy, cracked and flaky once winter rolls around. Fortunately, a few easy adjustments to your skin care routine can rejuvenate your parched skin and keep it feeling silky smooth all winter long.

Keep Applying Moisturizers

Stave off skin dryness by applying moisturizers to your face and body during the winter months. Upgrade from thinner lotions to heavier creams for added protection. For cracked hands, throw a pair of gloves on top of your moisturized skin to facilitate absorption. Use bath oils before showering and a face moisturizer immediately afterward to combat dehydration.

Exfoliate Your Skin

It seems counterproductive to exfoliate dry skin, but exfoliating actually allows your skin to absorb moisturizers more effectively. Removing dead skin cells exposes the new skin cells underneath so moisturizers can reach them. Just be sure not to overdo it – exfoliate between one and three times a week with a gentle, non-abrasive product or a wet washcloth.

Take Warm Showers

You may be looking forward to a steamy shower after a long day of trekking through the snow, but think again. Scalding water exacerbates skin problems by washing your body’s natural oils down the drain and making your face flushed. Limit your shower time, use warm – not hot – water and avoid going outside while damp to better protect your skin.

Ditch Soaps That Make You Itchy

Many soaps nowadays are made with harsh chemicals for the sake of sweeter scents. However, an aromatic shower is hardly worth wreaking havoc on your skin. Avoid showering or washing your hands with fragrant or chemical-laden soaps. Instead, opt for gentler soaps meant for people with sensitive skin.

Invest in a Humidifier

Low humidity levels are a major culprit when it comes to dryness, especially when paired with indoor heating. These conditions wick moisture away from your skin, leaving it unprotected against the elements. Maintain a temperate environment by purchasing an air humidifier and lowering your home’s temperature by a few degrees.

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Help From Virginia Surgical Arts

If you’ve tried every trick in the book and are still unsatisfied with the appearance of your skin, it may be time to take your skin care to the next level. At Virginia Surgical Arts, Dr. Sergio Vendetti and his team can help you fight skin dryness with dermaplaning and medical facials. Call (757) 430-7690 today to book your first appointment.


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