the Younger Version of You

"My work is all about restoring the face to the way it looked ten years ago."

-Sergio Vendetti, MD, DMD

Dr. Vendetti is simply a master of the face.

His goal is a complex one to achieve, but it can be stated simply: "I help patients recapture their youth." With dual degrees in oral maxillofacial surgery and cosmetic surgery, he can bring twice the training and a much broader understanding of every element of the face to each patient he treats, whether the solution is surgical or non-surgical. Just as important to Dr. Vendetti is the caring way he and his staff treat each patient throughout his or her aesthetic journey.

Old World Charm & Old-Fashioned Patient Care Combined with the Most Advanced Methods and a Reputation for Excellence

Although the practice uses the most current procedures and equipment, Dr. Vendetti believes in the kind of patient care that has become a lost art. While sometimes the most appropriate choice is surgery, a great deal can also be accomplished through non-surgical methods or a combination of the two.

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"My job is to educate—to explain what can be accomplished and where there are limitations because of anatomy or other factors."

- Sergio Vendetti, MD, DMD

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Cosmetic Surgery in Virginia Beach, VA | Virginia Surgical Arts

Cosmetic Surgery in Virginia Beach, VA | Virginia Surgical Arts