Hair Restoration Treatment in Virginia Beach

Unless you won the genetic lottery, the odds you will experience some level of hair loss as you get older are quite high.

Hair loss, from significant thinning to complete balding, affects millions of men and women and could start as early as age 35. If hair loss has you feeling self-conscious or unlike the youthful person you are inside, a hair restoration procedure with Dr. Vendetti at Virginia Surgical Arts – Virginia Beach, VA can help restore a full, natural-looking head of hair.

What is hair restoration and who is it best for?

Hair restoration methods such as grafting/transplantation are popular and highly effective treatment options for both men and women struggling with hair loss, such as from male or female-pattern baldness. Hair transplant or hair grafting can also be helpful for those who have lost areas of hair due to burns or other injuries.

During your consultation with Dr. Vendetti, he will speak with you about your options to determine if you are right for a hair transplant procedure. To be a good candidate for this procedure, you must have sufficient donor sites from where hair can be taken to fill the bald or thinning areas.

Your Hair Restoration with Dr. Vendetti

Dr. Vendetti serves as the medical director for the Costal Virginia (COVA) Hair Restoration. He is one of the best when it comes to restoring a natural-looking fullness with hair transplant. During your consultation, he will work with you to determine how best to approach your hair restoration procedure, including where donor hair will be taken from and where that hair will be transplanted.

After Your Hair Restoration

Depending on your unique condition, it may take multiple hair transplant sessions to achieve your desired outcome. Each individual session will require about a 2-4 month healing process.

Once your hair restoration with Dr. Vendetti is complete, you will notice a full head of hair that looks as natural as it did years ago. Men and women often experience higher levels of self-confidence following their hair transplant procedure.

To learn more about hair transplants and our results, view our gallery. Call Dr. Vendetti or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment today!

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