Pelleve´® RF
Wrinkle Reduction

The Pellevé S5 RF System

A head-to-toe radiofrequency aesthetic solution which safely and effectively treats facial wrinkles while temporarily reducing the appearance of body cellulite for a smoother, healthier looking appearance.

Additionally, the S5 RF System powers a full array of specialty electrodes for both minimally invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures.

The Pellevé RF Wrinkle Reduction treatment tightens skin* and reduces facial wrinkles for a younger, more refreshed look. In fact, patients who have had a Pellevé treatment say it feels like a warm facial massage.

Radiofrequency (RF) allows clinicians to safely create a heated treatment zone to induce collagen contraction in facial skin without damaging the epidermis. Increased resistance causes heat buildup at the subdermal junction which results in further collagen denaturation, stimulating the growth of new collagen.pelleve_surgical_workstation

Pellevé delivers energy through a selection of GlideSafe® Handpieces to the dermal tissue using advanced RF technology. These handpieces are designed to deliver precise treatment to all areas of the face, including the delicate areas around the eyes. Compact and maneuverable, they easily glide over varied contours, allowing customizable treatments for each patient.

In a clinical study, patients noticed tighter skin and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles1. Patient results include skin tightening* and wrinkle reduction along with noticeable improvement in skin quality and appearance. They were able to return to their daily routine immediately following treatment.

The Pellevé System is also a comprehensive surgical platform. New coagulation and blended waveforms provide enhanced hemostasis in precise surgical procedures.

The system has an enhanced design that allows the following:

  • Improved functional design with working tray built into the top of the device.
  • New LCD display and redesigned controls to enhance ease-of-use.
  • Quieter system for a soothing, spa-like experience.
  • Small, lightweight generator that’s portable from room-to-room or between offices.
  • Surgical procedures include: Biopsy, blepharoplasty, epilation, facelift, lesion removal, Moh’s surgery, rhinophyma, scar revision, skin tightening*, telangiectasia, wrinkle reduction, and many more.

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