• “Great job, helpful staff, nice office, & my treatments were VERY effective!”

    — Anne Melchor

  • “Superb facility, I was very impressed! … Everyone was excellent, I really liked the follow up call that Dr. Vendetti made to my home that same day, I was shocked.”

    — Jerry Stokes

  • “Very relaxing. The doctor went out of his way to care for me and check up on me. I was very impressed. Excellent bedside manner.”

    — Krista Clark

  • “I was pleasantly surprised to receive a courteous call from Dr. Vendetti the day of my surgery. It made me feel, like I wasn’t another patient just lost in the shuffle of files at the end of the day.”

    — Meredith Rafter

  • “My Treatment was fantastic! I am very happy with Virginia Surgical Arts.”

    — Lauren Tasch

  • “You guys rock. I’m glad I got referred here.”

    — Amber Bass

  • “I don’t believe this process could have been handled more professionally, Thank you very much.”

    — Maria White

  • “Absolutely love this place. My son is scared of needles and Dr Vendetti did everything to make him comfortable.”

    — Crystal Blagg

  • “Martha is amazing! I went in for my first dermaplaning and could not be happier with my results! My skin has never looked better.”

    – Jennifer Delaneuville

  • “Love this place! So professional, comfortable, and great service.”

    — Lisa Sugden

  • “Very calming soothing atmosphere, helpful to someone who may be very nervous or apprehensive. … You made this experience as easy and pleasant as it possibly could be, Thanks!”

    — Sandra Clore

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