Medical Facial Treatment in Virginia Beach

Medical Facials

One of the ways of achieving a youthful appearance is by maintaining healthy, vibrant skin.

Sun, wind and air pollutants contribute to damaging the skin. As we age, our skin is less able to deal with these issues. We lose elasticity, and the skin becomes more prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

To combat this, a regular skincare regimen should be adhered to that includes daily skincare as well as periodic medical facials. A rejuvenating medical facial is designed to invigorate and treat your skin’s needs. Each medical facial is customized to the patient’s skin and a treatment plan is established.

The master medical aesthetician will perform extractions at sites of congestion, exfoliates your skin using a mild chemical peel that will stimulate cellular turnover, and uses medical-grade serums and masques to bring your skin to a state of healthy equilibrium. In addition to the positive skincare benefits, the process is also very relaxing and can make you look and feel better immediately.

In addition, add on treatments are available, including dermaplaning and an eye rejuvenating treatment with a microneedling stamp.

At Virginia Surgical Arts, we know no one is a “cookie cutter;” you are unique, and so is your skin. Therefore we customize our medical facials based on our patient’s skincare needs. Call today and allow us to rejuvenate your skin! (757) 430-7690

“The aesthetician is very knowledgable and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease, I would highly recommend anyone interested in laser hair removal to see her!”

Erin Connors